Breach Response – Who Ya Gonna Call?

An interesting interview with Howard A. Schmidt, former Cybersecurity Advisor for President Obama, from the CIO Network was just posted by the Wall St. Journal.  He discusses the steps an organization should take once they realize they have been breached.  He makes a very salient point, which is, during a breach is no time to try and figure out what steps should be taken, who should be leading the effort, and who should be on the team.  CIO Network:  How to Respond During a Cyber Attack

Many organizations have well constructed, and matured business continuity plans in place, but are lacking plans to deal with cyber attacks.  The viability of your business can be impacted just as severely from a cyber attack, as any other business continuity event, just ask Home Depot, Target, Sony, and now Anthem.

Comp Fides has years of experience helping large and small organizations build their Incident Management plans, prepare for the inevitable breach, and practice their plans to ensure things run smoothly.  Contact us, and we can help you build a comprehensive Incident Management program that covers multiple regulatory standards, and is designed for all incidents, large, or small.