Michigan Computer Forensics

Since 2008, Michigan law requires that anyone preforming computer forensics, must be a licensed Professional Investigator.

The law defines computer forensics as, “the collection, investigation, analysis, and scientific examination of data held on, or retrieved from, computers, computer networks, computer storage media, electronic devices, electronic storage media, or electronic networks, or any combination thereof.”

Comp Fides is a Michigan licensed Professional Investigator Agency staffed with certified professionals.  We have fifteen years of experience helping organizations in the Accounting, Financial, Healthcare, Intellectual Property, Legal, Manufacturing, Media, Science, and Tax industries.

We employ state-of-the-art forensic software, devices, and techniques to ensure our clients are provided with all available evidence that is collected with proven methodologies, has a documented provenance (chain-of-custody), and is preserved accordingly.

A common mistake many organizations make is to have their internal IT staff perform an investigation.  It is important to understand that, while your internal staff are very capable and intelligent individuals, they are not properly equipped nor trained, to document, collect, analyze, and preserve digital evidence.  Many times using internal staff leads to the destruction or spoliation of digital evidence.  Unfortunately, it is not possible to determine whether litigation should be pursued, until after the digital evidence has been collected and analyzed.  By employing a trained and licensed digital forensics firm, the potential for legal recourse is not put in jeopardy.



We proudly serve our clients with professionalism and confidentiality throughout Michigan including Ann Arbor, Bloomfield Hills, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Jackson, Lansing, Livonia, Southfield, Sterling Heights, Warren, and throughout Ingham County, Livingston County, Oakland County, Jackson County, Washtenaw County, Wayne County, and the rest of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula.